This is Joon, my gorgeous little tank. She’s almost five months. She’s an American Piit bull/Bullly mix.



This is Joon, my gorgeous little tank. She’s almost five months. She’s an American Piit bull/Bullly mix.


guys what if cathedral and the colony operation and everything is real and someone at HeR used to be apart of it and they created the game to get the story out but word has reached back to revenant and now everyone who’s played SPY has to be taken out and the clue crew starts getting killed off one by one

teddybruisevelt ASKED:
I had an idea about something we could do for Sarah, I made a post about it. lemme know if you wanna contribute anything c:

I see that now! I have been thinking about writing her a letter/sending her something as well…I dunno if she’s been online to check messages. I’m assuming people have been sending lots of asks already.

here’s the post if anyone’s interested



i can’t wait for someone in this fandom to get drunk and wind up with an alien tattoo on their face

we should start a betting pool on who is the most likely


(i literally reblogged this post on my personal blog with the tag ‘it’s gonna be me’ right before you wrote this sooo yea…)

differencedetective ASKED:
Post 10 things about yourself and pass it on to your ten favorite blogs! :)

auahguha i got like three of these today

  • okay i’m really bad at thinking of facts about myself because i’m not that interesting and i seriously say the same stuff just over and over again (this being one of them)
  • my outfit right now is obnoxiously patterned wool socks, basketball shorts, and a green hoodie with a panda on it because i am a fashion icon obviously
  • my favorite youtubers hands down are hayley g hoover and sanne vliegenthart
  • at this moment in time i am drinking chai tea and eating coconut dark chocolate
  • i force people to watch my favorite movies and tv shows with me a LOT because i really really want other people to like them too
  • my bedroom decor includes three clown statues and a clown doll (and i have a kickass clown painting somewhere that used to be up but i’m not sure where it went because i move back and forth between home and school a lot. i miss it.)
  • yesterday i finished yet another re-read of one of my favorite books (how i live now by meg rosoff) and i cried for like an hour and everyone should go read that book it’s amazing
  • the only deodorant i wear is old spice
  • i open and close the mailbox literally every single time i enter the front door of my house. i’ve been doing this for as long as i can remember and i just have an extreme physical compulsion to do it and i cannot stop at this point.
  • out of my entire senior class in high school, if you took the two people that hated each other the most, it’d be my two best friends.

If Jacques Brunai doesn’t make a cameo in MED to yell at Nancy saying “first you lost my medallion and now you’ve BROKEN it??!?!?! HOW COULD YOU??” then I’m going to be very disappointed.





Look what came today! 

omgomg this is really exciting and I love that I have started a tradition of sending candy in these packages as well! (nancy and sonny would approve.) I just wanna say that I still have the Cindy Austin book you sent me and I have been working my way through it very slowly because I’ve been really busy working two jobs….but it will be done soon!

And I would like to apologize for not sending you candy! At the time, I had no idea we were doing that. NEXT TIME though ^^

oh gosh well nobody should feel obligated to send candy!!! if you cant swing it, then don’t feel bad