watch-my-step ASKED:
Do you have a favorite ND game soundtrack? I don't remember very many, but I really like SSH.

SSH is good! My ultimate favorite is probably CUR. It’s sooo pretty, I just love it. I also really like TRT—the instrumentation they use is awesome. DDI has a really great soundtrack that just fits the game perfectly. I also get that one song from SHA stuck in my head allllllll the time. (This one. But all of the songs in that game are SO damn catchy.)

I like the piano music from SPY and the song Past from GTH is one of my all-time faves but overall I just don’t like the music from the new games as much as the old ones.

Anonymous ASKED:
I really, really, really feel like #31 is going to be the Salem game, I have no idea why. It's just a feeling I guess. Probably because it seems like a really popular location that people want (myself included), there's a book they could base it off of and it will be the right time of year of a ~spooky game. Watch me be completely wrong though!

I. LOVE. THIS. Wowowow such a great idea, I hope it happens at some point!

Another thing I would loooove would be to explore the sixties and seventies somehow. I love the culture from that era and it would be so interesting to see where HeR would go with that. Also these games need more hippie characters PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Realistically, I don’t particularly see that happening but maybe someday. :) I can dream!

One thing I’ve been wanting for a LONG time is a game that’s set in Peru! They’ve covered ancient Egypt, as well as the Mayans, so I think it’s completely plausible that we’d have a game that focuses on the Inca Empire! I think a game set in Peru where you get to explore Machu Picchu and the surrounding area would be soooo so so so fun. It’d be beautiful and the music would be FANTASTIC.

kokokringlesandsonnyjoon ASKED:
I just went and had a look at the WAC twitter accounts - Was there a reason why Mel & Rachel didn't have twitter?

I don’t know anything more than you guys do but my best guess is that they didn’t think it would be in character for Mel and Rachel to have twitter accounts, which makes sense, I think. The popular crowd seemed to be the ones dominating social media (with Corine desperately trying to also fit in.)

Mel and Rachel are not even trying to be in that social sphere so they’d be completely off the grid.

HOWEVER I totally wish they had twitter accounts because Mel’s snark would have been glorious. (Rachel’s twitter account would just be like “workin on a ten page paper” and “failed biology fml” and “BAD PAN, BECCA” every day.)

apparently the horses come to life at night and have been POOPING EVERYWHERE

apparently the horses come to life at night and have been POOPING EVERYWHERE




is it bad that a big part of the reason I’m so excited for MED is that once I finish it, I’m gonna get to see the teaser trailer for game #31

This is so accurate though.

That’s usually how it is with me, but I’m actually really excited for Sonny Joon and the plot that’s revolving around him

Oh I mean, I’m extremely excited for that (and everything else) too, don’t get me wrong. There’s just also a huge chunk of my brain that’s already moved onto the next game though…..I just love the anticipation of not knowing ANYTHING